The Tipping Point

by The OM Sound

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The Tipping Point was a project nearly two years in the making. Orion Miller and Marina Durham of The OM Sound departed Canada on an epic journey to India, Nepal, and Australia with very definite goals in mind: songwriting and personal discovery. As the months went on they experienced enlightenment upon many topics deeply relevant to their writing. They began subtly changing their style as new songs were written on Himalayan mountains, historic houseboats, crowded Indian streets, and scorching expanses of outback desert; a vision of conscious hip-hop and soul soon became clear for their next record.

After India and Nepal they continued on to Australia, and drove 22,000 kilometres through that great country so full of wisdom. Nearing the end of their time away from home, they found themselves in Melbourne, the arts capital of Australia. There they compiled a list of songs fitting and ready for release, and came up with the overall theme of “The Tipping Point,” signifying the tipping point of humanity’s overall consciousness transitioning from negative to positive. Steve Winton of Chasing Records brought the project to fruition, and after a few solid sessions and many hours of editing and mixing, The Tipping Point was complete. As a welcome home present, The OM Sound received seven inspired tracks from their travels concisely presented and ready to be presented to the world. As lyrics are deeply important to all of The OM Sound’s music, they are thrilled to present The Tipping Point with a lyric booklet ready for inspection and illumination.

Peace through music.


released February 2, 2016

Music: Orion Miller & Marina Durham
Production: Steve Winton
Lyrics: Orion Miller


all rights reserved



The OM Sound Montreal, Québec

Redefining the term “power trio,” The OM Sound sounds more like a hip-hop orchestra than a three piece band. Empowering vocals meet complex grooves, from neo-soul to jazz-funk, all inspired by their conscious message. The OM Sound: relentlessly awakening. ... more

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Track Name: BEING Human

Take a dip in the Infinite and tell me what’s inside, do you recognize or is it simply space that you find?
The enemies, Maya and Time, are trying to keep you lost in the forest of your mind.
But Consiousness is contagious, not even Satan can escape it, there’s nowhere you can hide,
So climb, up high to the tops of the trees of your thoughts and see the stillness from a bird’s eye.
The chaos stops when you think not and act with intuition, the invincible intelligence in a rain drop,
Just a tiny dot, not a lot, ‘till you realize the hidden power behind that it’s got.
Silence knows and it shows through the wandering sadhus and their ochre robes.
Listen close, the sound of om.

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream,
Been fighting with the current for too long,
Let go, let flow, life is but a dream.

The reflection in the water’s a reflection of your brain: rippling lights that change with what you lose and gain.
Perception’s intercession becomes limitless connection with the simple recollection of your Self through introspection.
Sittin’ on the porch of a houseboat, watching life go by through the sentences that I wrote,
Shikaras float and salesmen boast; every day is “Tell and Show.”
But there’s an order to the madness, something that’s apparent in the simple people laughing,
They’ve mastered mental endurance, titiksha, to give them freedom from their burdens.
And at the base of the commotion, we’re all the same, atma, energy in motion.
And that’s the only true notion; all waves return to the Ocean.

And at the base of the commotion, we’re all the same, atma, energy in motion.
And that’s the only true notion; all waves return to the Ocean.

© Orion Miller 2014
Track Name: Mitakuye Oyasin
Mitakuye Oyasin

Willow and Sage, went out to play,
Games to teach them how to live in the real world someday,
But the plans that they made, got lost when they came,
And so they’re forced to figure it out from the stage.

Livin’ in a basement suite, 13th St, step dad dead-beat, mom just tryin’ to make ends meet.
39th Ave, not so bad, for a family of their class it’s a pretty sweet pad.
At least that’s what their friends say, but they only ever stay for the day and then go on their way.
Parents pick them up, chat to the people upstairs like they’re scared of something lurking under there.
Looking sidelong at their skin, like it makes a difference, don’t want their kin to learn to sin.
But Sage doesn’t even notice, to her all kids are the same in their motives.
Willow’s getting older and keeps dealing with the coldness, prejudice never had a conscience so he just gets bolder.
Wish they could remember why they came here in the first place, this illusion can’t even compare to their greatness.

Now Willow’s grown tall, shade for us all, branches reaching over make the darkness feel small,
And Sage is doing great, she’s got a perfume that makes all the boys go crazy.
They spread their roots into the ground, dug deep and what they found, they can manipulate anything they want using sound.
But it all fades away, time erases everything, they keep looking for something permanent beyond the grave.
Still don’t know which way to go.
Keep living, keep giving, keep living.
Still don’t recall the paths they chose.
Keep looking, keep looking for love.

Everything is One, everything is connected.

Ho mitakuye oyasin.

To the Creator, to the Four Directions,
To the mineral, plant, and animal nations,
To the human nation, to the Spirit nation,
To the Four Winds of Change and Growth, all my relations.

Ho mitakuye oyasin.

Hiya pila maya.

© Orion Miller 2014
Track Name: Make Believe
Make Believe

I try to think but instead the words are coming out my mouth,
I’m full of doubt, brain’s just tryin’ to figure it out.
I try to act like you and I have been here before but my palms are sweaty
And I’m edging for the door.
They’re staring us down with grey eyes of steel,
The bills that we show are the cards that we deal,
Laughing at our efforts as we’re trying to be heard because they know that it’s designed so what we say becomes our murder.
There’s a fine line between make believe and reality,
We make you believe what we tell you - it’s all you see.
Innocence is bliss until it hits you in the face,
Wisdom is a choice that every person has to make.
Conversations fly by like birds in the wind as we’re trapped in our prisons by our debts and our whims.
We think that we’re free but we’re slaves to the system,
Trapped by our own ambitions.

Every thing that you feel is,
Every thing that is real is,
Every thing that is real is,
Every thing that you feel is.

You’ve got two ears and one mouth so use them proportionately,
Every time you speak you’re distorting the story.
Information is a virus, that spreads like wildfire,
Everyone wants to teach, to the prospective buyers.
Dig for the roots before you reach for the sky because there’s nothing in between except lies and lies and lies.
Everything you think that is real that you feel is.

We’re born free but we build our own cages
As we grow older yeah as we are aging,
What is your willingness to accept change?
And what will you give up to be free again?
Thoughts echoin’ in my mind verbatim
To the things that you see, outside indicating,
The way that you feel is that way that you’re waiting
For something, it’s nothing, your doubt overtaking.

Everything you think that is real that you feel is.

© Orion Miller 2014
Track Name: Save The Beat
Save The Beat

Yo, this is a true story…

I often wonder why common sense is so uncommon
As I sit here on the broken down metro line yawning.
They say there’s been an accident, of what I don’t know,
But they say it’s serious, sirens wail, pray for someone’s soul.
Time stops and with announcements comes agitation,
Spittin’ into cell phones tryin’ to get to their station.
Speakers crackle once again, say there’s a body on the tracks,
Silence hushes passengers as they absorb the morbid facts.
Helicopter floats overhead, Channel 7 News,
Murmurs echo in the room like whispers in church pews.
Nervous conversation slowly comes back into fashion,
But the undertone of violence puts a damper on the action.
The driver’s had to deal with three jumpers in this month,
With every one he prays, “God, please let this be the last one.”
The one before leapt and midair looked him in the eyes,
He slammed on the brakes but you can’t stop that much weight in time.
Every ten minutes, another ten is added,
This time for photos and measurements, and then “that’s it.”
Police step inside and give us all some needed details,
“A woman’s been wounded but she’s alive on the rail.”
On the way to hospital at this very moment,
A breath of relief fills the cabin with emotion.
Some laugh, some sigh, and a girl’s sobs’ floodgates open,
With the A/C off we’re all sweating in this furnace.
Smells of fear, annoyance, and anxiety make me turn in,
“Just another ten,” and we pull into West Richmond.
Cops, cameras everywhere and no sign of the injured.

Another few express minutes to our destination,
Now to hit the streets, and thank you for your patience.

Can you save, save the beat,
Save the beat, can you save,
Can you save, save the beat,
Save the beat, can you save…

An hour later, she died in the hospital.
Life happens, death happens, it’s hard to cope.
Moments like these, put you on the podium,
Put things in perspective, challenge everything you think you know.
What it comes down to’s what you choose to put your focus on,
After the fact, turn your back, and think of when you’ve won.
Do what you love and love what you do,
Because you never know when you might jump the queue.
Save the beat.

© Orion Miller 2014
Track Name: The Dynamo Of Volition
The Dynamo Of Volition

I take the train to work, public transit,
That’s it, no fancy wheels ‘cept a bike for the first bit,
They call it the “hobo-mobile,” what a steal,
Got it for nothing from a mate, such a good deal!
But I’m tiring of the monotony of the
Day to day to day, I’ve got to break free.
Work so I can travel and travel so I can learn,
But it burns, every minute that I stagnate in this hearse.
I’m suffocating, from the waiting,
For the gold, I’m getting old and I’m tired of the hating.
So I glide along the tracks, watch the landscape blur,
Like the years slipping by to an addict on Effexor.
Sometimes I fantasize about living the hard life,
No time to waste, just the struggle to survive,
But then I recognize, that time is my alibi,
To do the things that really make me feel alive.
I need to prioritize, and start flowing with the river,
Stop waiting for the perfect moment and just giver’er.
Yeah I don’t do it for myself,
But I do it for my health, man, I go insane without it.

Maybe I don’t like the way I’m livin’,
Problem is I know that it’s not the system,
‘Cause I made my life every way it is and,
Ain’t ever gonna stop ‘till I win.

I’ve been spending too much time in my mind in the
Moments between moments that I’ve lost my place.
Too many thoughts to erase, it’s not the
Outer but the inner battles I need to face, gimme a
Break! It’s endless and scentless, try to
Follow my nose and all of my five senses, but that’s the
Wrong direction, instead I need to breathe my
Ink in my spine all the way up between my eyes,
Only then will I realize, it’s all light,
The left and the right and the love that’s underlying.
Everything is humming like the Great Lion’s lullaby,
Thankfully for me I’ve got a map and a guide.
Sometimes I find it’s hard to know where to draw the line between
Self and selfless, yours and mine,
But I know in my heart, my intentions ignite, I’m not
Lyin’, just trying to make a difference, and say, “Good night.”

I take responsibility for the life I live,
I feel gratitude for all that I’m given.
And I believe in the culture of forgiveness,
But that don’t mean that I’m ever gonna give in!
Like the satyagrahis, words are my ammunition,
One thing I’ve learned is to just shut up and listen.
Obstacles I overcome with dynamo of volition,
No way to hide, even death is just an intermission.
There’s only one definition for your inhibitions:
Self-imposed limitations - mostly they’re just suppositions.
Let it go, let being be as natural as cell division.
Verity is what you envision, now go get it.

© Orion Miller 2014
Track Name: Ode To Light
Ode To Light

Ocean in the sky looks like canvas.
In a universe in flux, there’s only one constant,
Particle and wave, nothing more, nothing less,
That’s everything to make the world less daunting.
Light is the subtlest of influences in the physical,
Material place that we inhabit,
And the human mind is such a magnificent contraption,
Potentialities most people can’t even imagine.

Sun sinks into endless sea,
Waves crash ceaselessly,
Cool breeze washes over me,
Promising the deeper sleep.

Ripples come and go, have their moment then they’re gone,
Back to the Infinite depths where they belong.
But rest is short lived, consciousness gets inquisitive
About the nature of the solid stature, and back they’re drawn.
The ocean has become the wave, the wave has not become the ocean,
The universe boldly demonstrates perpetual motion.
What’s the difference between human skin and stone?
Nothing. Energy’s the only real thing at all.

Neon lights, emblazoned across endless sky,
Common sights, lost to ignorance’s daily life.
Undecided, where to go, how to arrive.
Interest lies and images of truth collide.

Ocean in the sky looks like canvas,
In a universe in flux, there’s only one constant.

Sun sinks into endless sea,
Waves crash ceaselessly,
Cool breeze washes over me,
Promising Reality.

© Orion Miller 2014
Track Name: The Tipping Point
The Tipping Point

Speech: is a condition of the sapien.
Communication: is the creative for the sentient.
Words: are the building blocks of nations.
Sound: is all there is, was, will be wakened.
Show me a combination of prolific human minds,
That can relate to the compilation of human kind.
Produced, mixed, and mastered by elation that you find
When you fulfill the distribution of thoughts that are aligned.
Fuse electric impulses of separate consciousnesses
Into one mastermind with infinite variables to mix it,
Such is the tipping point of etherical positive,
Turn away from emptiness and embrace all that is.

There’s a place in time that’s calling me.
There’s a place that we’re all drawn irresistibly.
Like the weight of old memories,
The future sits there, beckoning.
Round and round and round and round and round we go.
Round and round and round we go.

The wheel of time is turning,
The tipping point is coming.

Up then back down.

Up, then back down, then back up, then back down, then back…

Forget about the cycles and start being with the moment ‘cause the
Now is part of something bigger, won’t stop, can’t hold it.
The buildup is electric and we’re caught up in the motions so just
Kick off from the shoreline and flow, flow, flow.
Fuse electric impulses of separate consciousnesses
Into one mastermind with infinite variables to mix it,
Such is the tipping point of etherical positive,
Turn away from emptiness and embrace all that is.

© Orion Miller 2014

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