Imminent Light

by The OM Sound

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The OM Sound's third album, recorded live with minimal overdubs in Montreal, QC over the course of a year and a half. Released July 5th, 2018 before their three month, cross-Canada album release tour.

Om (ॐ) is a sacred Sanskrit symbol representing the creative force that sustains everything in creation. It is the activating, cosmic Intelligence that upholds all matter through vibration. We use this symbol with utmost reverence for the timeless yogic science of India.

The eight-sided spiral depicted on the CD is an ancient Armenian symbol, "Arevakhach" (Armenian: Արևախաչ, English: Sun Cross) representing eternity. Having neither beginning nor end, it signifies everlasting, celestial life. The title, Imminent Light, is inspired by the external, vital energy of the Sun, and its infinite Source. The song draws influence from Armenian and other Eastern melodic motifs and scales.

Orion Miller has been given permission by an Australian Aboriginal custodian to play the yidaki/didgeridoo. He does so with deep respect to their culture and the wisdom of their land.


released July 5, 2018

Orion Miller - vocals, guitar, bass, electronic percussion, didgeridoo
Marina Durham - vocals, electric piano, synth bass, piano, synths
Varoujan Mardirossian - vocals, drums

Recording engineer: Cole Barbour
Mixing engineers: Cole Barbour, Orion Miller, Marina Durham
Except track 3: Recorded & mixed by Simon Petit
Mastering: John Tucker
Recorded in Montreal, QC, Canada

All songs written by The OM Sound
Track 10 based on composition by Varoujan Mardirossian
Lyrics: Orion Miller

Cover Art: Steve Durham
Album design and digital art: Marina Durham & Orion Miller
Graffiti texts: Steve Durham
Album concept and production: The OM Sound
© Copyright 2018 The OM Sound


all rights reserved



The OM Sound Montreal, Québec

Redefining the term “power trio,” The OM Sound sounds more like a hip-hop orchestra than a three piece band. Empowering vocals meet complex grooves, from neo-soul to jazz-funk, all inspired by their conscious message. The OM Sound: relentlessly awakening. ... more

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Track Name: Breathless
How to inspire inspiration?
What is the wishing in the waiting?
There're so many fading.
I'd trade it all for the only thing pervading,
Opposite of cold and calculating,
Yet scientific in every minute minute.
Every action you commit is a pay cheque or a ticket.
So give in to the conflict,
Fear nothing but fear itself; The Devil is a counterfeit.
Resurrect yourself,
Omnipotent, parallel to what's withheld,
Wake like a bombshell.
Stuck on samsara's carousel,
It's just as well, till you gain the quietude to break the citadel and
Leave this Hell.
This is a contest - creative conquest -
I won't rest till I respond best.
Palm pressed to my chest,
I'm blessed to accept the final test:
The Swan's crest.

Instead of all eyes on me, all minds on me,
Fixation on supremity, avoid the brevity,
The dull ache of delusion, burned in seclusion,
Struggle may be necessary but bliss is hereditary,

Breathlessly rest and leave the stress and see your apogee,
Without any inquiry.
Maybe the referee will incredibly open your eyes, hit pause,
Pause is play when you've made it through the doorway,
Inconceivable, breath-taking, but perceived anyway.
All is the same, from New Year's Day to radioactive decay:
A waterway of rays.
Imagination plus conviction is given and lived in;
Intuition, your condition.
Cognition's ammunition brings boundless wisdom, precision, and recognition,
Joy - true vision.
Freedom, or freed om? The Sound magnified, heard and occupied in this lake shrine.
Worlds may collide but you're untied, unshaken, unified in your third eye,
The most high.
Track Name: Event Horizon
I'm a warrior by namesake,
And the warrior's path is the path that I take.
It's my caste but your class you choose and make what you make it,
Embrace it, create it, and take it, awaken.
Stacked star sign alongside a sharp mind,
The Soul provides a guide, the drive, and the alibi.
Too many people only look for things that are dependable;
The wise play by ear - improvisation's indispensable.
Depend on what's been drawn; cause/effect's a just law,
Attitude is paramount, prime, and quintessenti-ALL.
Arrest this superficial suppression and go and get it.
Do you really thing we're meant to struggle for our bread?
It's in your head. Turn your thoughts to light instead.
Expansion is inevitable but only true experience passes the test.
Arrêt! We're warriors of consciousness,
Finding ultimate conquest in cognizance.

Perpetual motion.
Smooth vibration.
Parallel notion.
Mirage creation.
Overcome by refractive reflections.
Kaleidoscopic misconception.
Multi-faceted light march,
Room of mirrors, comfortable dark.
If only I could cross,
This event horizon.

Transitions: break through inhibitions and let your visions
Manifest without ever quitting, always giving.
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know what it is, so what gives?
People always chasing after it.
It's not outside, it's inside, and I find
That with time in my mind, my intuition never lies,
Never dies, always provides, never surrenders, always guides.
Is this feeling life-force or life-forest? I adore it -
One of the few true sustainable resources.
You can't ignore it, just get out and absorb it:
Wisdom of the mountain, of the ocean, of the chorus.
Blur the line... between where the body ends and where Earth begins:
Directed mindful expansion.
Armed with energy and calculated abandon,
You're the commander, sanctioned to imagine.
Track Name: Revelations
I can't count the times that I've been here before,
Only to stand dazzled at the seven doors,
Baffled without a key by symbols that I've explored,
Year after year, in intellect and furthermore.
Things I adore in queue for the guillotine,
Some obscene, some routine, even serene.
But I contravene, feels like I need someone to intervene,
Pursuit to find the heart of this Machine.
Cogs and Wheel, from minuscule to majuscule,
Je cherche incessament ce qui est real.
So much that appeals, deceiving in plain sight conceals.
Need to shut off these five blinders and just feel,
Emotive steel: not agitated, closer to elation,
Inspiration, exaltation, mental state in.
Back to the doors in constant contemplation,
Elevating till my coronation.

Ether eyes,
Opal eye,
Fire fly,
Stay on my

Revelations: alterations to the abstract.
Most intellects see facts as hard stats and contracts,
But see through cataracts, instruments like heart attacks,
Measuring the "most compact," yet limited by tests and graphs.
Still they're not that, they're only tangible beyond
Mind, matter, black, white, right and wrong.
In my epitaph there's only one thing that I want,
That I truly lived and longed to respond to this Phenomenon.
I'll carry on following the holy prosperous -
It's preposterous, the common notion of what progress is.
Economists searching for infinity in objects of this finite universe
But the limitless is opposite.
Gaze on the horizon, epiphany's eyelids,
Open up, enlighten, roaring like a lion, sirens,
Sun is rising, pressure siphons,
Flying, dying, deathless joy realizing.
Track Name: Hidden Valley
Took a trip to the hidden valley,
To take a bit of a mental tally,
Of where my thoughts are habitually,
Non-stop flight Montreal to Cali.
Steadfast till the grand finale,
Conquest of breath bests death till I see.
Until then day by day I rally
The warriors of will to transcend unreality.
With vitality, I stay riveted
On the thought of all the future dividends,
Knowing every moment, "I won't stop until I win this,"
Tower over failure like a cumulonimbus.
Yeah, I look forward to the light, but embrace every moment and every fight.
Life is a joyous battle. Be alone together and let's break these shackles.

The Absolute:
Vibration's root.
Starry light will guide me through
The hidden valley.

Fearlessness doesn't equal tearlessness,
Multi-faceted like a metamorphosis.
In a metropolis full of exorbitance,
The forgetfulness is simply torturous.
I set my sights on the coordinates
And try to look a little deeper like Copernicus,
The marvellous resourcefulness of artfulness
Could form an armistice divining permanence.
And the turbulence is merciless,
But enormousness is found through earnestness.
You attain gain through pain - use titiksha's gift;
Volition is the mission of the separtist.
Unravel the land of shadow;
Float out the window of the chapel.
Death daily the road I travel;
Intransigently storm this castle.
Track Name: Cloud
Down and out,
In and up,
Give in to gravity,
And rebound.
Hide and seek,
Around and around and around,
Just behind the wind,
Just behind the cloud.

Qui se ressemble, s'assemble.
To stand under is to understand.

Echoes of light,
Drowned in substance,
What is sound?
What is space?
Eastbound waves.
Track Name: Voie Solitaire
Funny how old souls have the most youthful energy -
Useful energy - bright lights whether solo or in synergy.
The centrepiece to the future moments that they're holding,
In their minds, every minute golden with anticipation moulding.
Here's a question: Is consumption progress or know-less?
The answer's simple when you look at the components:
Earth, air, fire, water, ether, then humanity;
It's insanity to think that we can take and take so lavishly.
Travesty: casually turn our backs on the fatalities,
Then try to hide the atrophy with finances and fantasy.
We're massively in need of philanthropy, so answer me:
Do you believe your thoughts make actuality?
Prosperity / disparity - you work to be a rarity,
But does the jingle in your pockets give you any clarity?
Most people work to pay their bills and then they die,
So you might want to rethink the meaning of your life.

La dureté de la matière est une ruse en paire,
Quaisement irréfutable, mais de près c'est claire:
L'infini dans l'atome - la voie solitaire,
Multiplié en milliards d'esprits révolutionnaires.

On doit inspirer avant d'expirer, c'est un fait.
Ces idées incarnées s'enracinent dans nos têtes.
Bref, nous sommes des machines automatiques, sans cesse,
Jusqu'au moment où tout s'arrête, prévisible jamais.
Déjouez les astres et devenez-vous vaste,
Peu-importe la place, absorbez lumière en masse.
Réfléchissez, réalisez: ce qu'on appèle "réalité"
Est en fait rélativité.
Vivant ou mort, réveillez.
L'immensité de la complexité des matières cosmiques
Ne peut être compris sauf par chercher
Plus profond que l'esprit.
Il faut que vous suiviez une passage scientifique,
Seule, discipliné, concentré, et dynamique.
Sens suspendus et subtilités magnétiques,
Dissolvez-vous dans votre essence électrique.
Inspire before you expire. Create and manifest.
Cause and affect. Expect and acquiesce.
Life is blessed.
Track Name: Shrink Rap
Take an honest look at yourself, you can't fool me;
You're a product, carbon copy from the advertising pedigree.
If you can't see it from the clothes on your shelf, show-and-tell,
Top-40 trash you're listening to will sell you out.
Manufactured, repetitive, soulless propaganda,
Hypnotizing and mind-numbing with every single stanza.
If only it was as simple as rolling you up in Shrink Rap,
Let these words suffocate the brainwashing of all these pathetic contra-bands.
But it isn't that easy - every individual has to make a choice,
Take full responsibility, and listen to the wisdom of the wisdom of the wisdom of that inner voice.
And with the inundations from all the media stations, self-contemplation becomes a tribulation.
Take stock of where you get your information and then study it, till it's just second nature.
It's time to take back these radio-active stations:
Freedom fighter surgeons and the airwaves are the patient.
Cutting out the cancer with the truth, discrimination.
True independence: Self-realization.

Life is a movie, and this ain't Hollywood.
Life is a movie, and this ain't Bollywood.
This is the age of the spray-on-tan;
Got talent? Nah, got looks, you're in demand.
Life is a movie, and this ain't Hollywood.
Life is a movie, and this ain't Bollywood.
This is the age of the spray-on-tan;
Got talent? Nah, got looks, you're in the band.

Take comfort in the number of people deconstructed:
Every single soul coveted yet uncontrolled and understood.
Nah, we weren't put here to bear a heavy burden;
With every time we lift
It builds more strength to quell the hurtin'.
I'm certain. Keep pulling on the thread of the curtain,
Pretty soon the whole thing'll unravel and leave
Nothing but the "lite" version of the universe -
One pace closer to Self-immersion.
Step one: Unplug from the drug
Of this slow-paced sleeper, constantly flooding,
Misinformation giving news thug.
Sweep that shit back under the rug.
Sure, it's wise to be aware, but take care,
Thoughts are things, and fair.
The more that you imagine, the more that you imagine,
the like that you ensnare.
Step two: Make the decision
With precision and unwavering volition.
Envision your division - cognition -
And then put in the request for your recision.
Step three: Believe and never concede.
Listen, learn, and proceed with the mission you've received.
Indeed it's a défi, but you've got energy unique.
Conquer, then repeat.
Track Name: Charades
What is the wisdom in a single phrase?
Words on a page… Letters rearranged to create a key for your cage.
And what are words anyway? In fact, they are simply squiggles and lines.
They vainly try to represent the feelings and fine ribbons between yours and mine,
Until we bind, and we’re locked in the rhythms of our star signs... Or so we think.
But fate is a misunderstanding, derived by those who have trouble landing on the runway of their habits,
Most of them bad and the other ones fanned by the devotees of excuses and self-inflating baggage.
But still I try and try and try to find the wisdom in a few lines.
But only a few, and only those written by the true sages of the past and present day.
Just meditate on the sound of the phrases, find the meaning in the oscillations.

We’re all energized waves, vibrating charades, on this scintillating earth stage.
Audible words converge, merge, and lose understanding with a power surge.
True comprehension is unheard. Silence is a high flying bird, omnipresent and sure.
It’s the only one with a literal visual of the metaphysical.
Not mystical, but scientifically proven to each one his own.
Tried and tested in the laboratory of perception alone.
To keep striving is the mission of us all. Again and again, different temples, different homes,
Until we truly cognize that we are more than just skin and bone.
We are more than just sketches, more than this experience we see.
What we really are is more than we can believe.
You can’t intellectualize: you have to experience it first hand, even if it take a million years to understand.
The separation is excruciating.

If you want to make it, you must tap into the latent power in all creation.
Before long, you’ll find that never before had you been wakened.
Let it be, let yourself be free, conquer consciousness, be still, just BE.
And finally you’ll be permitted to leave.
Tear up the ego’s treaty and leave it behind with all your other attachments and insecurities.
It’s not a complicated feat, but it’s the greatest nonetheless. Everyone’s got their own shit to deal with.
Forget all your excuses, all your “I wishes.”
Forget your dream inhibitions and go live them.

We’re all actors, though we don’t know it. Inhabiting this play with its many complications.
Inevitable, yet incredible, so much so that we get sucked into it.
Desires, burning fires, drawing us back again and again into delusion.
But the fusion is the base of our confusion.
The fusion between this illusion and reality that is the root of Being human.
Remember what the truth is and work tirelessly to move it from speculation to concrete evidence.
Stillness is the prescription for all illness, with clarity as the only side effect.
Sit quietly and listen to the nothing that is everything and the everything that is One Thing.
Identify, and slip into the state of effortless breathlessness.
In the world but not of it.

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